I am finally ready to sell my 1989 Iroc Z-28. This car is a one owner. I bought it from my uncle 4 years ago and never registered it to keep it a 1 owner. In the past 4 years it might have 40 miles put on it. ( driving around the neighborhood ) The car is all original and I was going to hold on to the car and make it perfect but I do not have the time. This car only has 17462 miles on it. It has the 5.7 TPI engine in it which is very desirable. The car needs a few things. The hydraulic rams for the hood and rear hatch are shot. They need to be replaced. The dash board is cracked. There is a few small paint bubbles. Also the radio has stopped working. The car was put away 2 years ago and worked fine. Just pulled it out of the garage and nothing.  Other then those things the car runs amazing and transmission shifts perfect. It should be ran and fresh gas put in it. I would give the exterior a 7/10 and interior the same.

Location: Schenectady, New York, United States