For consignment, a fairly unmodified 1969 Camaro!

Seems all the models we get in here are all modified in some way but this example is looking the part of what sat in the showrooms in 1969. It does have a modified 427ci V8 so it will go fast, but it appears as a mild mannered grocery getter otherwise. Just pure 1969 Camaro.

With a respray in a color change to Marina Blue over straight rust-free panels with very well minded gaps make for a very clean, head-turning cruiser that sports distinctly American livery! Zoom in on the details and this Camaro continues to impress. At the front of its body, a satin black grille hangs with the familiar blue bowtie emblem above clean parking lamps, and clean chrome bumper. Behind that grille, a requisite Camaro header fronts the “stinger” hood, which has a white accenting on its top. This flows back to a non tinted greenhouse that’s dressed in polished mirrors, polished wipers, and straight stainless trim. At the sides of that glass, wheel frames and rocker spears, we note bright and shiny stainless steel, with the latter running rearward to the stamped in the sheet metal quarter louvers. Traditional door handles, door mirrors and correct badging grace the sides. And at the back of the car, a bowtie branded filler panel works with canted outward taillights and a second chromed bumper. Standard body matching blue steel wheels have bowtie badged chromed caps and some raised white letter classic looking Goodyear polyglas rubber on all 4 corners.

Continuing inward we see a sea of white nice condition vinyl. This is covering the door panels which are wonderfully kept, as are the buckets, which are sleek late 60’s high back versions with large headrests attached. In the back is a white 2 plus 2 rear bench that is just as original and as nice as the front buckets. In the center, well within the driver’s reach is a simple chrome handled Hurst shifter growing from the black carpeting. The dash is original and has the factory steering wheel in front. Standard gauges, the speedometer on the left and fuel on the right flank a ribbed Camaro badged center panel. We also note the wiper slide to the lower left along. On the column now hangs an Autogage tachometer and in dash central on the bottom are 2 aftermarket gauges to keep track of the oil pressure and water temp of the mill under the hood. To the cluster right are the chrome heater slides and a radio delete panel. Black carpeting in nice condition is on the floors and above is a tight black vinyl headliner.

Lifting the hood we are met with a big block 427ci V8. It has been bored .030 over, has a GM steel crank, GM 804 rods, TRW Forged 11-1 pistons, and a GM 427-435HP camshaft. On top is an Edelbrock 800cfm 4-barrel carburetor. On the back we see a 5-speed manual Tremec TKX TR3551 with an MDL clutch set and a lightened billet flywheel. Way back is a 12 bolt 3.73 posi Truetrac differential with 30 spline axles. Some definite get up and go for this otherwise unassuming grocery getter exterior. Now you know why those extra gauges are there!

All solid and black shiny steel under this last year 1st generation Camaro. The flooring and inner rockers show no signs of repair or invasive rust. As a matter of fact, the only rust seen is on the nuts and bolts of the suspension components. An independent coil spring suspension is on the front and in the rear is a leaf spring arrangement. Front power disc brakes show the roll from the 427 cubes upfront and in back are power drums. Headers and a Magnaflow muffler system is on the shiny stainless exhaust system.

This car fired right up thanks to a new big block and instantly settled into a pleasant idle. Out on the test track it had wonderful acceleration from the V8, smooth shifting and responsive bias free braking. A wonderfully complete fully operational package hereΒ and it drew many looks on my multiple laps around our test track. The horn and heater blower were not working. All buttoned up for the upgraded power mechanicals, on the exterior and on the interior it looks showroom fresh. A beautiful color combo, all ready to roll in style and even add a bit of excitement to your life. Just prepare to be stopped for lots of conversation as there aren’t many that can cook like this beautiful example.

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