The frame is in super condition, I have never modified it. This car sits a bit lower for a slick look. It can be raised if preferred by replacing the front springs, rear leaf springs, and shocks all around. It has a rebuild engine with only 1200 miles. The body has 149,005 miles. The original color is Gold. The car is garaged all year round, and I do not drive it in the winter or rain, ever. It has virtually no rust whatsoever. I simply disconnect the battery before each winter and afterwards it starts right up. I also change the oil (15W40) before each winter so as not to let the old oil sit for 6 months. I use Super 93 gas only. I drive it very minimally, maybe once or twice a month during the summer.

Location: Framingham, Massachusetts, United States

Seller: finaldarkness505

See listing: Rebuilt Engine and transmission 1979 Chevrolet Camaro (from July 25, 2020)